Stucco Defect Lawsuit against D.R. Horton nets homeowner $40,000

Arbitrator awards over $40,000 to homeowner in Stucco Defect Lawsuit against D.R. Horton

On March 15, 2017, following a final evidentiary hearing in an arbitration proceeding in Orlando Florida, the American Arbitration Association’s assigned arbitrator issued his award in favor of the homeowners and against D.R. Horton in the amount of $40,155.30.  Burnett Law, P.A. attorneys tried the case on behalf of the homeowners and presented evidence and testimony from experts Mark Cramer and George Zobrist.  D.R. Horton’s position was that the home only had minor cracking to the stucco which it claimed to be a normal occurrence for a four-year-old home and the repair of those cracks was the responsibility of the homeowner.  D.R. Horton’s expert testified that if any repairs were necessary then the cost to repair was only $5,108.01.

Surprisingly, the Corporate Representative for D.R. Horton testified that he also owns a home constructed by D.R. Horton and that he personally seals exterior stucco cracks and repaints his home every week as a part of regular homeowner maintenance.  Mr. Cramer and Mr. Zobrist testified that the level of cracking for a four year-old home was excessive and the damage was caused solely by the failure to build the home in accordance with the Florida Building Code.  According to the homeowners’ experts, the only repair for these defects was a complete removal and replacement of the second-floor stucco envelope.  The arbitrator clearly agreed with Mr. Cramer and Mr. Zobrist.

Burnett Law, P.A.’s trial attorneys have obtained similar favorable results on numerous cases since the firm decided to take on the builders and force them to start building homes pursuant to the Florida Building Code and applicable trade standards.  If your home is less than ten years old and you have damage to the exterior second floor of your stucco home, call one of our experienced trial attorneys for a free consultation today at 813-221-5000.

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