Florida Stucco Lawyers Can Help With Your Defective Stucco

Home ownership is the cornerstone of American society and the economy. For most, their homes are the biggest investment they will ever make. It is not uncommon in today’s market to spend several hundred thousand dollars for a modestly sized home. For that amount of money, you should expect perfection.

Unfortunately, most homes in the last ten years (and still today) are far from perfect. When it comes to homes with stucco exteriors, those imperfections become magnified in a very short period of time. Stucco is a product that when applied properly can add tremendous beauty to your home and provide it with a weather resistant barrier. Proper application of stucco remains elusive in the building industry, though. Time is money in the world of stucco application. Stucco is often thrown up in a single day and the installation process of stucco accessories is often rushed.

This desire to build the next house, and the next house, and the next house, result in home after home in a given community suffering the same fate. It is astounding to go around so many of Florida’s neighborhoods, some of which are only 3-4 years old, and see stucco cracking, delaminating and even falling off the homes.

Who is to blame for this? Simply put, the builder and the builder’s subcontractors are responsible. The fact that the builders are responsible, however, does not mean that it is easy to get them to admit to their wrongdoing. Frequently, homeowners call the builder and explain that the stucco on their homes is cracking. Just as frequently, builders tell homeowners that their claims are not covered under their warranty and that the homeowners are to blame for failing to paint or seal the house regularly.

The builders are usually right about the first part of their response. Stucco claims rarely fall under the warranty. This means that if the homeowner wants to do anything about the defective stucco application, the homeowner will be forced to litigate the matter. That’s where we come in.

At Burnett Law, P.A., we have prosecuted hundreds of stucco defect claims including claims against almost all of the major homebuilders. Whether these cases end up in state court or in arbitration, our attorneys are qualified and experienced at handling stucco defect claims. Our knowledge of the Florida Building Code and ASTM standards coupled with our vast trial and arbitration experience create quite the dilemma for builders. Builders know that we know the Code and that we are not afraid to try or arbitrate cases. Builders know that it will be difficult to prevail on a stucco defect claim against our firm.

Burnett Law, P.A. offers free consultations and if we agree to take your case, we will normally do so on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay us if we win. We are a full-service law firm meaning that if you become our client we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your case for free. Many times this will include a trip to your home where one of our attorneys will view the damages.
  • Retain experts on your behalf. We will front the costs of these experts and you will not have to repay the costs unless we win.
  • Provide pre-suit notice to the builder.
  • File suit or arbitration.
  • Handle all aspects of inspections and discovery and discuss your case with you throughout the process.
  • Set up and attend mediation on your behalf (sometimes the clients do not need to be physically present)
  • Try or arbitrate the case as necessary.
  • Appeal the case as necessary.

There are very few firms that have the knowledge and experience to handle these types of cases and even fewer that have the credentials that we have at Burnett Law, P.A.. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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